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Our inaugural conference was held in Singapore in 1994. At this conference, some 100 papers, poster presentations and scientific demonstrations from the Asia-Pacific countries as well as other regions covered a wide range of topics in health informatics. This enthusiasm led to the founding of the Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics as the peak regional organtiaons for Health Informatics, Medical Informatics, e-Health, Digital Health and Health Information Systems.

is tic contributions from individuals in all of the APAMIA selection of some of the best papers was subsequently published in a special issue of the International Journal of Biomedical Computing (Vol. 40, 1995).

APAMI held its Conferences every three years until 2012; they are now held every two years:
10-12 Nov. 1994: Singapore
11-13 Aug. 1997: Sydney, Australia
27-30 Sept. 2000: Hong Kong
20-22 Oct. 2003: Seoul, South Korea
27-29 Oct. 2006: Taipei, Taiwan
21-24 Nov. 2009: Hiroshima, Japan
24-25 Oct. 2012: Beijing, China
1-2 Nov. 2014: New Delhi, India
2-5 Nov. 2016: Seoul, South Korea
9-12 Oct. 2018: Colombo, Sri Lanka
21-23 Nov. 2020: Hamamatsu City, Japan

14-16 Oct. 2022: Taipei City, Taiwan

Announcement: APAMI 2022 conference will be held in Taipei City, Taiwan October 14 – 16, 2022.  Click here to sign up to receive updates. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

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